Riverlight Cats established 1983

Registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia (member of the ACF)

Selkirk Rex @ Riverlight

In 2009 Riverlight Cattery obtained our first Selkirk kitten.  

Panicha Prairie Sunrise, or Sunny,was a red pointed van male.

He was a friendly boy with a think coat and sweet personality.  By the end of 2010 Sunny sired his first litter of kittens.


Next we purchased Zacesta Tennessee Foxtrot a red male who did very well at his first show and has continued to perform well through 2012-2015.  Winning many Group awards and being Best Shorthair Selkirk Rex in 2014 and 2015.

Rex and Burmese Cat Club Show 2015 where Foxy was Best in Show Selkirk Rex.

Major Show Results

8th November Tandanya Show

Gold DBGDCH Zacesta Tennessee Foxtrot our handsome Selkirk stud gained his Challenge and 5th Best In Group along with Best Groomed. Foxy's black Selkirk son Riverlight Black Bear is now a Champion at just 10 months on the day. Bear is really enjoying being shown and we are looking forward to showing him next year. It was a great show run by Nell and John Evan at a most difficult time for the family.

25th October 2015 British Club Show

The British Cat show was a 3 Ring show for our Selkirk stud Gold DBGDCH Zacesta Tennessee Foxtrot. Foxy did extremely well in Ring 1 he was Best In Group, Ring 2 Reserve In Group and in Ring 3 (the British Specialty Ring) was Best In Group. He then went on to gain Supreme In Show Short Hair Selkirk Rex and then Supreme In Show which included all the Cats in Entire, Neuters and Kittens. He also won Breeder Of Best In Specialty Ring who is Jane Walker. We are very proud that Jane some years back allowed Foxy to be part of our show team and family. We dearly love this wonderful boy, he is not only a pleasure to show but a delightful cat in every way to have.

27th September 2015 Rex and Burmese Cat Club

At the Rex and Burmese Show on Sunday 27th September Gold DBGDCH Zacesta Tennessee Foxtrot our red SH Selkirk stud did very well. Foxy gained three Challegens. Ring 1 Foxy gained Best Selkirk and 3rd Best in Group. Ring 2 Foxy gained Best Selkirk and Best In Group. Ring 3 the Rex and Burmese specialty ring Foxy gained Best In Show Selkirk and 4th Best In Show Cat. There is a photo of me gaining Foxy's Best Selkirk in Show Award with judge Marisa Thislewaite (QFA). Foxy had a great show and as always loved being there and inparticular being patted by the children who came to see the curly cats.

2014 - Zacesta Tennessee Foxtrot awarded best shorthair Selkirk Rex of the Year and 4th Best Entire Group 4 Cat of the Year.