Littlme Munchkins

Registered with the Feline Association of South Australia (member of the CCC of A)

Riverlight Cats established 1983

Registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia (member of the ACF)

23rd October British Cat Club Show

3 Challenges and a 6th best in group.

21st August  2016 FASA Annual Show

3 Challenges and Best Selkirk Rex

31st July Ragdoll Club Show

3 Challenges and Best Selkirk Rex plus a 4th Best in Group and a 9th Best in Group.

16/17th July CCCA  National Show

6 Challenges.

29th May 2016 Tandanya Show

Bear won both of his challenges and is now a Grand Champion.

1st May 2016 Cat Fanciers Show

Bear won both challenges and was best coat colour and texture in one ring.

8th November 2015 Tandanya Show

Won his challenge and became a champion at 10 months.

25th October 2015 British Club Show

3 Challenges in his first show.

At the All British Cat Society Show on Sunday DBGDCH Riverlight Black Bear gained his FASA Bronze DBGDCH title and a 6th Best In Group. Bear is a darling Selkirk boy who in now retired from showing.

In 2015 we started showing Foxy’s son Riverlight Black Bear.

In 2016 he is looking good and won best Group 4 coat colour and texture at this first show. He followed this up with a 4th Best and 9th Best in Group and the Ragdoll Show.

BDbGdCh. Riverlight Black Bear


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