Littlme Munchkins

Registered with the Feline Association of South Australia (member of the CCC of A)

Riverlight Cats established 1983

Registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia (member of the ACF)


23rd October 2016 British Cat Club Show

3 Challenges and 10th in Group in both rings.

1st May 2016 Cat Faniers Show

2 Challenges and best shorthair LaPerm in both rings.

17th May 2015

SA Cat Breeders Show

3 Challenges best LaPerm Shorthair in Ring 1 (Liz Andresen) and Ring 2 (Joanne Frank)

19 April 2015

Adelaide Cat Club Show

2 Challenges

At The All British Cat Society show on Sunday our Laperm girl DBGDCH Riverlight Babette gained her GCCFSA Bronze title and was 10th In Group in both rings. Babette is now retired from showing and breeding she is nearly 5 years old and has promoted the Laperm breed with many placings in Group. Well done sweet girl.

Babette was show regularly in 2014, and finished the year as the Best Shorthair LaPerm of the Year and 7th Best Group 3 entire cat of the year.

She won 9 Group 3 awards in 8 shows with a highest placing of 5th in Group.  These awards were won against 20-30 entire cats in Group 3.

BDBGDCh Riverlight Babette

Show Results