Littlme Munchkins

Registered with the Feline Association of South Australia (member of the CCC of A)

Riverlight Cats established 1983

Registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia (member of the ACF)


8th November Tandanya Show

Challenge,with Reserve In Group and Best Owner Bred Entire.

 25th October 2015 British Show

Bronze DBGDCH Riverlight Arlette chocolate tortie point LH enjoyed her day out gaining her challenges.

27th September Rex & Burmese CC Show

Arlette won 3 challenges and was awarded one of the Show Managers Best Cats In Show.

17th May 2015

SA Cat Breeders Show

3 Challenges

19 April 2015

Adelaide Cat Club Show

2 challenges

In 2015 Arlette became a Bronze Double Grand Champion as well as Reserve Longhair LaPerm of the Year.

Arlette was not shown as much in 2014 but in 2013 she was Reserve Longhair LaPerm of the Year.  Interestingly she is a chocolate tortie point, but the only tortie markings are under her paws!  One judge was sure she should be reclassified until we turned her over and showed her the red fur on the base of her paws.

BDBGDCh Riverlight Arlette

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