Littlme Munchkins

Registered with the Feline Association of South Australia (member of the CCC of A)

Littleme Munchkins

Littleme Munchkins is committed to developing this fascinating breed of cats.  After nearly 30 years of successfully breeding Russians, we are finding this breed a new and fascinating challenge.  We hope you enjoy our site.

December 2015

Grand Champion Littleme Mi Angelo was awarded Best Munchkin Cat of the Year for 2015. A copy of his letter can be found here.

20 September 2015

At the FASA show on the 20th September we showed for the first time two Munchkin Longhair girls: Littleme Mi Lola a blue and Littleme Mi Mia a black. Both girls did very well gaining 6 Challenges towards their Championship titles. Littleme Mi Mia was Best Munchkin LH in two rings and Littleme Mi Lola was Best Munchkin LH in one ring. This will be our last show for this year with the Munchkins, it has been a good year for the Munchkins on the show bench. We thank FASA for having wonderful shows and look forward to 2016 shows.

July 2015

This year we are showing Littleme Angelo our new stud boy.  Already he has achieved Grand Champion Status and in the recent 2 day FASA show he was awarded 9th best in Group out of 38 entries.

19th October 2014

It was our last FASA show for the year today and it has been a great year for Littleme Mi Munchkins. Today we had entered Angelo our cream tabby male kitten and Ita our Champion girl: both did very well at the show. Another wonderful show and we thank FASA for all their great work this year and look forward to next years shows.

21st September 2014

At the Festival City Show on Sunday Littleme Cattery had three Munchkins on the bench. We are delighted with the results and the warm welcome the judges and other exhibitors gave them. Littleme Mi Hayla Black girl gained her Grand Champion Title and will now retire from showing. Littleme Mi Ita black tortie tabby girl gained her Championship Title. Littleme Mi Angelo cream tabby boy is still a kitten, judge Claire Edwards (GCCCF) of SA commented on how good a type she thought Angelo is: it was the first time she had judged Munchkins. It was a good day for the Munckins and a well run show. Thanks FASA for all your support with this new breed.

24th August 2014

At the FASA Winter Show on Sunday we had 4 Littleme Munchkins there, largest number of Munchkins shown by us so far. They did well with Littleme Mi Ella gaining her Grand Champion Title. Hayla our black SH girl was there and for the first time Littleme Mi Ita was shown she gained a 10th Best In Group under Lesley Freeman. Ita is a lovely tortie tabby LH who seemed to enjoy the show even though she slept most of the time. Littleme Mi Angelo is still only a kitten at 5 1/2 months old, however he did very well under Lesley Freeman gaining an 8th Best In Group 3 Kitten. Angelo is a delightful cream mackerel tabby SH and our future stud.