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Persian and Exotic

Chocolate DreamsIn 2010 Riverlight Cattery has acquired both Persian and Exotic kittens for breeding and showing and who will also contribute to our breeding programs, particularly with the Selkirk Rex.

We are interested to see if we can establish the chocolate colour in our cats.

Our first Exotic cat was Delmont Star Flower who was Exotic Cat of the Year in 2010.

We have been fortunate to obtain a chocolate Persian female, Nitemajik Chocolate Dreaams (above), a chocolate tortie point, Persephones Lucilla Deva, and a chocolate tortie Persian female Persephones Leila Dior (below). Leila

We also have a seal point exotic male, Chainoponds Black Magic, who will be used in a number of our programs.  Magic did well as a kitten in 2010.

Late in the year we also obtained a chocolate male kitten, Admat Choc Magnum. 

To see all of our Persians and Exotics please look at our gallery.