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Over the years Riverlight Cattery have sent the non blue colours to other countries.

The most significant export was our cat Barishnikov who went to Andrea Thompson, Rubanthom Cattery, in Atlanta Georgia USA.  He was a cat known to carry tabby genes and gave the US breeders the best chance of having all the colours from one adult male.

Barishnikov has founded a significant line of Russian Whites, Blacks and Tabbies in the US.  These cats, and others from other Australian imports, are now in the hands of a number of breeders and being shown regularly shown in many US states.

Other breeders in Australia have also exported white and black Russians to other countries.

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Obanya Cattery

Obanya Cattery: Australian breeder of Russian blues and sometimes white for over 35 years. All Breeds judge with GCCFV affiliated with Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia.


Rubanthom Cattery: Russian Blue Breeder of Blues, Whites, Blacks


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