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The LaPerm Cat


The LaPerm cat developed in the United States in the state of Oregan.  In 1982 Linda Koehl found a completely bald kitten which after 8 weeks developed a curly coat.  This cat, Speedy, was the foundation of the LaPerm breed.

The LaPerm curl gene is dominant unlike the genes in the Devon and Cornish Rex cats.


Riverlight LaPerms

In 2013 at the ACF National Show, Riverlight LaPerms did very well. 

It was particularly pleasing that Riverlight Arnou place 14th in Group 3 entires (ring 2) out of 91 entries in that class.

In 2010 Riverlight Cattery obtained our first LaPerm kitten from Karen Owen of Banshee cattery in New South Wales.  His name is Banshee Firestorm: a red and white male.

Banshee FirestormHere is a picture of Firestorm in his first show when only 12 weeks of age.

We successfully showed "Fiery" throughout 2010 where he was very successful, particularly considering many judges were unfamiliar with the breed.

In 2011 we commenced showing our first kittens from Fiery.  We are very pleased with their type and temperaments and hope they will do well both at the show and breeding in the future.  Riverlight Genou is one of Fiery's sons and is pictured below.  More pictures are in the Gallery.

Riverlight Genou


Fiery is continuing his show career and has learnt how to relax in the spotlight!

Banshee Firestorm 2011

2013 is the year we are showing Fiery's grandchildren.

Here is Riverlight Emmanuel (Manny) being shown as a kitten in 2012
Riverlight Emmanuel (Manny)